Hello Tuma !
I want to tell you a story

This story start at December 2020. It is a story about a boy who is really, really bored, it was during his hollidays and he missed something in his life. His days was always the same, and he wasn't that much happy.

1 January 2021, 19:50

Like everyday, this boy was bored. This boy was unsing a lot of different website to meet people, but he didn't meet a lot. At 19:50, he receive a message on one of this website, and this message was "Hi~". He replied, without knowing he was making one of the best thing on his life...

He chatted with this girl during all the evening, and yes, we can say that there was a feeling between with 2 persons. The discussion was cool and the boy liked it, When the girl was going to sleep, she said "if i were with you, i'll hug you", and the boy never forget this cute sentences.

4 January 2021, 18:00

The boy and the girl talked a lot since 3 days, it was very cool and they talked about a lot of different subject. When the boy was back from school, he talked a bit with the girl (of course), and the girl said "Do you know how to tell to someone that you love him?". The boy didn't have idea, so he literaly said something he saw on Twitter: it was a picture from a famous cartoon and he told to the girl that she has to send this picture and say "Do you want to build a futur with me?"

And then... It was incredible. Without expecting that, the girl send this message... To this boy. He was very surprise but he replied "Let's build it together". The boy decided to reply that because he was a bit attracted to this girl: she was pretty, interesting, muslim, and she has too much quality that i can't write all of them here. It was the beggining of a new story, and yes, the year 2021 started good for this boy.

And then...

Do you remember the beggining of the story, where the boy was sad and bored? In February 2021, that's the contrary: this boy was happy, always smile, because there is a girl on his heart who makes him shine. And this boy, it's me, and the sun of my heart, it's you.

Tuma, I want to tell you: thank you for make me happy everyday, for loving me. Thank you for your kindness, your cutness, and all others things who make you incredible and which make my day better. You're probably the cutest girl i know, and i created this website to make you smile, because I love you <3.

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